Digital Media Internship

Elisit Media offers unpaid internships to students interested in digital media content creation, publishing, and social media management. The internship requires a part-time commitment for the duration of the concomitant academic program term (at least 15 weeks for full terms and 10 weeks for summer sessions), affording interns the opportunity to participate in many unique, full-production digital content creation cycles.

Interns assist with every step of production, from generation of novel ideas, and creation of branded media, to the distribution and dissemination of content across key platforms. They are also tasked with a variety of administrative, digital, and developmental work.

Interns work a twenty-hour week, and receive academic credit from their issuing institution. Students are responsible for fulfilling university requirements and obligations to obtain academic credit.

Elisit Media internships are an excellent introduction to web-based production and publication. Students can expect to learn about every facet of producing successful, monetizable digital media, from applied principles of design, human psychology, and marketing strategy to technical processes, operational efficiency, and industry-specific technology.


  • Summer 2019 – May 13th
  • Fall 2019 – August 19th
  • Spring 2020 – January 13th

To Apply

Send us your résumé or curriculum vitae, a completed and signed add/drop form, a copy of your unofficial transcript, and a cover letter.

In your cover letter, clearly state the term for which you would like to be considered, explain your interest in digital media and web-based publishing, address your personal and professional skills, and describe what you expect both for and from an internship with Elisit Media.

Please also send one or two writing samples– up to 10 single-spaced pages– that exemplify clarity, concision, versatility, and personal style.

We prefer to receive application materials by e-mail. Send complete materials as separate attachments to, paste a copy of your cover letter into the email body, use the subject line, “Digital Media Internship Application”, and cc your faculty supervisor.

We will accept application materials by mail; however, please note that applications must be postmarked by the deadline posted for the indicated term in order to be considered.

In the event that we do not select you for an internship: if you wish to receive constructive feedback on your application materials, or other opportunities for involvement, be sure to indicate such in your cover letter and include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Address complete materials to:

ATTN: Alyssa Long
Elisit Media
28 S. Franklin St. Suite B
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Questions? Contact us here.